Love From West Virginia ( Momimhar posted on September 8th, 2011 )

There’s a surprise in the mail box. Not an unexpected bill, no. It is a package from my friend in West Virginia arrived in the mail. She is my baby’s Godmother. We haven’t met yet but we communicate through the blogosphere and social network. She sent us a Christmas card last year with a picture of her family.

infant outfit and a postcard from West Virginia

It was so nice of my mare to send a pretty infant clothing like this for my daughter. I cannot wait to see her in this outfit. When I showed them to my baby, she jabbered “tah-tah-tyeah-teess”. I think she said “They’re pretty.”

Heartily thanks to you Mareng Rose, Kids e-Connection, for this beautiful gift. The postcard is so cute. My husband said you are a thoughtful friend. Yea, I hope we can meet in the near future. Bless your heart. ‘Love yah

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