Diaper Leak Problem ( Momimhar posted on September 5th, 2011 )

Well, I thought I found the answer to my baby’s diaper leak problem. Nope. She still soaking wet in her bed in the morning.

I decided to try Huggies diapers to compare with Pampers when it comes to preventing leaks. But I was wrong. Huggies diaper leaks when I leave it on my baby overnight. Her clothing and bed are wet when I change her diaper in the morning. With Pampers Dry, there is only a bulky diaper overnight. I do not change diaper in the middle of her sleep. I do not think it is necessary because my baby sleeps good through the night. I remember my niece and nephews used Pampers diapers when they were little. They were good sleepers too. They only wore the Pampers diapers at night so their parents will not wake up to change them if they are on cloth diapers.

Pampers works better on my baby overnight. My only complain is that, the gel loosens out whenever the diaper is full of pee. On price comparison, Huggies costs just a bit lesser than Pampers. But I guess I will stick to Pampers Dry from now on. What I need to do is look for coupons to save on Pampers Dry diapers.

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