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It’s A Girl…Again ( Momimhar posted on July 19th, 2012 )

My cousin and I went to a birthday party few days ago.  I thought she won’t be able to come because of her condition.  She is in her last trimester of her pregnancy.  This is her second child and it’s a girl!  Ah-bee has a little sister.

It was great to see her looking good and staying healthy.  She told me before that she was diagnosed with Placente Previa.  It is a condition where the placenta maybe located in the lower part of the uterus covering the cervix outlet.  Some pregnant women gets it.  But as the pregnancy progresses, Placenta Previa resolves itself.  It was a good news she shared to me that she does not have it anymore.  Thank God!

I had complications with my pregnancy also – Gestational Diabetes, Infection, and Hypertension. It was difficult.  We were so thankful that my healthcare provider took very good care of me and my baby.

Now our babies are growing fast.  Ah-bee and Kaye are turning two years old in four months.  They both love being in the water.  So they enjoyed swimming at the birthday party.  It was held in recreation center with an indoor swimming pool.  A nice idea for a summer kids party.

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Blessed With Strong Support System And Efficient Health Care ( Momimhar posted on April 26th, 2012 )

My pregnancy was wonderful but not very easy.  I had complications.  I did not know until two months of gestation.  At first I thought I was only having some minor allergies.  But when I noticed a swelling on the left side of my neck just above the neck bone and felt a little pain when I put pressure on it, I was bothered.  So my husband told me to see our family doctor in Fort Worth immediately.

To make the story short, I went through a biopsy where the doctor took a some tissue sample.  And I was diagnosed for an infection.  My therapy began immediately as soon as the type of infection was known.  Then I quit work because I developed Plantar Fasciitis that gave me a hard time walking.  My feet were swelling and painful.  I was not able to stand for a long period of time anymore at work.  So I was advised to have full rest as my pregnancy progressed.  Soon enough on the second trimester of the pregnancy, my feet began to feel better.  And then came Gestational Diabetes.  But it was carefully controlled by proper diet.  Whew!  My body had a wild reaction with the first time pregnancy.

My physicians were great.  They took very good care of me, the pregnancy, and baby.  I was blessed with strong support system and efficient health care.

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