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Benefits of Using Cowhide Rugs for Interior Décor ( Momimhar posted on June 1st, 2017 )

Cowhides are making a great comeback in the area of home décor. There is a contemporary form of cowhide that is currently the hottest trend in home décor at the moment. Despite the emergence of the new cowboy-chic design, the conventional cowhide decorations are still valuable and produce one of the finest décor designs. Cowhide décor and furniture as well as cowhide rugs form part of a beautiful interior design option for the modern homes. Here are some of the advantages you stand to enjoy for choosing to use a cowhide rug in your home décor.

Unique Designs

Cowhide rugs have the ability to add some interest in any home décor scheme or design. It is possible to find a cowhide rug that fits perfectly with your choice of design due to the different color variations and patterns available. They vary from zebra prints, fine mix of spots and a number of metallic choices that are available. These unique designs present in cowhide rugs gives you the flexibility to use them as wall hangings, floor coverings and sofa accents. Cowhide rugs are versatile and will fit into whatever style or design you will be trying to bring out. It is possible to either mix them or use a single unique rug that will create a great interest in your space.


A lot of people are usually concerned about the durability of the available high quality home décor pieces available in stores due to their children, pets or daily use. When you opt to use cowhide rugs for your decoration, you don’t need to worry about its durability. Cowhide rugs are made from natural soft fibers capable of withstanding several years of use. Cowhide rugs are easy to clean as they do not require time-consuming and expensive cleaning methods as simply shaking them is enough. In case of spills, an effortless spot-cleaning will do the trick. These cowhide rugs are a brilliant idea as they can withstand even the heaviest foot traffic in your home.

Safe for Use in Home Decoration

People living with various allergies are particularly choosy when it comes to home interior décor materials as animal products are likely to bring them nightmares due to high amounts of allergens. Cowhide rugs present the best choice ever for any person who wishes to decorate their home using animal products that will not bring about any form of allergens. Cowhide rugs are the best option since their natural fibers do not encourage the accumulation of dust that triggers their allergies. The tanning process that the cowhide rugs are taken through in order to protect and preserve them does not allow any allergens to be trapped on its pores. It does not also support the growth of bacteria or mold.

Final Words

When you are decorating your home or upgrading it, you can never go wrong with a cowhide rug. It will add the perfect aspects of comfort, practicality and style to any space. Cowhide rugs will greatly arouse the interest of anybody who visits your home. It offers you with a more attractive and cleaner alternative for home décor.

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Benefits of Going Green ( Momimhar posted on December 6th, 2015 )

Going green is a popular topic with today’s homeowners. It’s easy to incorporate eco-friendly building materials and energy-efficient products in new home construction, but what about existing homes?

According to national housing studies, there are over 125 million homes in America that are at least 32 years old or older. These homes were built when energy costs were cheap, so they lack the energy-efficient materials and features found in newer homes with green construction.

Green Remodels

Green remodeling offers immediate energy savings and health benefits for homeowners, but it also offers long-term benefits. Every remodeling project that doesn’t encompass green technology is a missed opportunity with implications that will last for generations. For example, assume that each home that gets remodeled may not be remodeled again for 30 years. If every home renovation project was a green remodel, each homeowner would experience 30 years of reduced energy bills, lower maintenance costs, healthier indoor air quality, and improved home comfort. Every project that’s not a green remodel deprives current homeowners as well as future buyers of their homes of the benefits of going green.

What Makes a Remodel Green?

With a green remodel, you’re looking to incorporate three important features: energy efficiency, resource conservation and healthy indoor air quality. Whether your house is old or new, planning for a green remodel is the same. In an older home, start with a home energy audit to see where the biggest green opportunities are, and then look for ways to incorporate those improvements into the scope of your remodeling plans.

Green Building Products

Green building materials are made from renewable, rather than nonrenewable resources. Green materials are environmentally responsible because their environmental impacts are considered over the life of the product. There’s a wide range of green building products available today. You’ll find lumber; roofing; siding; flooring; paints and stains; insulation; soundproofing; decking and fencing; doors and windows; and caulks and adhesives that meet sustainable regulations.

Energy-Efficient Products

Energy-efficient products are available for exterior and interior remodels. Exterior products like solar panels, cool roofing, and energy-efficient siding, doors and windows help to conserve energy and reduce home energy costs. These products provide improved comfort and even temperatures within your home. Interior products include energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment, water heaters, programmable thermostats and a variety of household appliances.

For more information on the benefits of going green, get more details on green remodeling for your home.

Making Your Cellar Work For You And Your Family’s Lifestyle ( Momimhar posted on October 2nd, 2012 )

Sorting out the cellar is one of those jobs I’ve filed away in the part of my brain usually reserved for filling out my tax return – the one marked ‘not to be thought about under any circumstances’. Musty old boxes full of receipts, half-finished craft projects that should really have been thrown out and exercise equipment that has never been used. Even the idea of venturing down there is about as appealing as a routine root canal.

But with our house full to bursting, the idea of getting some extra space is quite tempting. So maybe it’s time I finally spent some money on converting the cellar.

A quick internet search and I find that while converting my existing cellar may not be cheap, the price is still on a par with that of a simple loft conversion, according to The Guardian.

It may also be one home improvement that’s worth the money we spend, giving us a whole extra floor of space in an area we had previously ignored. A good transformation could potentially add to the value of our home when we come to sell it, while giving us enjoyment in the meantime. A loan may be a convenient way to add this versatility to our home.

But if we did take the plunge and convert the cellar, what would we do with it? Here are the three options I’m considering.

1.    Playroom

With our home fast disappearing under an avalanche of plastic toys, making the cellar into a playroom would definitely come top of my wish list. Oh the joy of having a place to put all the Lego and train tracks so we can finally reclaim the lounge as a relaxing space for adults! The best thing about making the cellar a playroom is that the room can change as the kids grow up – it could, for example, become a teenage den where they can play computer games with their friends. Cellars are naturally quite soundproof too, so we wouldn’t need to worry about the neighbours’ eardrums if one of the kids pesters us for a drum kit. I found some great cellar playroom ideas online, such as these ones from Room Creation Ideas.

2.    Guest bedroom with ensuite bathroom

At the moment, having guests to stay is a complicated business involving intricate planning, blowing up mattresses, and some lengthy waits for the bathroom. Having a private bedroom and bathroom in the cellar would be ideal for us, although we could only use it for very occasional guests as the lack of natural light down there may make it feel slightly claustrophobic. To make a cellar bedroom feel less cave-like, Freshome suggests using a bright colour palette and using a number of lighting effects.

3.    Home gym

OK, this is my most expensive idea, but I can always dream! The cellar makes an ideal spot for a home gym. For starters, I wouldn’t have to worry about disturbing the kids when I’m thumping about to my latest fitness DVD, and my husband wouldn’t have to watch my clumsy yoga poses first thing in the morning.  With a solid floor to support the weight of any heavy dumbbells, it should also mean we don’t have to shell out on any more expensive gym memberships either. Plus there’s already a spiderweb-covered exercise bike in the cellar at the moment, so we’ve already got a head start!

This is a sponsored post by guest blogger Tamsin McCahill on behalf of Sainsbury’s Bank

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