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My Aunt’s New Pet Kitten ( Momimhar posted on September 9th, 2020 )

Dexter the little kitten.

Meet Dexter, my Aunt Sue’s new pet kitten. He is so cute! ūüôā – K

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Babysitting and Petsitting ( Momimhar posted on April 30th, 2017 )

Howler the pug.

She misses me. ūüôā

She loves resting under the chair. ūüôā

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Introducing: Grandpa and Lola’s Cat – Ming Ming ( Momimhar posted on July 28th, 2016 )

Ming Ming. My parents' cat.

Ming Ming. My parents’ cat.

This is Ming Ming. ¬†He is my parents’ pet cat. ¬†During our two-month long vacation in the Philippines, my darling daughter grew strong fondness with the cat. ¬†She loves him very much. ¬†Because cats have a different personality from dogs, my dear husband and I had to explain why K should not put her face way to close in front of a cat’s. ¬†Because of their strong defensive instincts, cats will slap with their sharp claws. ¬†This almost happened to K if she hasn’t moved back very quickly. ¬†Cats can be hasty, you know. ¬†Even so, we are very fond of Ming Ming. ¬†He is a very spoiled kitty. ¬†He’s like a person. ¬†He sleeps on my dad’s arm¬†at bedtime.

Most domestic pets in the Philippines are not taken to animal doctors for regular check ups, grooming, and pet care.  That is why they are prone to sickness and parasites.  Ticks, fleas, bacteria, and digestive parasites are commonly acquired by these pets.  That is why you have to always exercise caution not to get bitten or scratched.  My parents also have dogs.  They take their dogs to the vet to get their regular shots.  And they are on a leash when they take them for a walk around the neighborhood.  My parents, especially my dad, love their pets very much.  K was so happy to know that grandpa and lola (Tagalog word for grandma) have dogs and a cat.

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