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Babysitting and Petsitting ( Momimhar posted on April 30th, 2017 )

Howler the pug.

She misses me. ūüôā

She loves resting under the chair. ūüôā

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Introducing: Grandpa and Lola’s Cat – Ming Ming ( Momimhar posted on July 28th, 2016 )

Ming Ming. My parents' cat.

Ming Ming. My parents’ cat.

This is Ming Ming. ¬†He is my parents’ pet cat. ¬†During our two-month long vacation in the Philippines, my darling daughter grew strong fondness with the cat. ¬†She loves him very much. ¬†Because cats have a different personality from dogs, my dear husband and I had to explain why K should not put her face way to close in front of a cat’s. ¬†Because of their strong defensive instincts, cats will slap with their sharp claws. ¬†This almost happened to K if she hasn’t moved back very quickly. ¬†Cats can be hasty, you know. ¬†Even so, we are very fond of Ming Ming. ¬†He is a very spoiled kitty. ¬†He’s like a person. ¬†He sleeps on my dad’s arm¬†at bedtime.

Most domestic pets in the Philippines are not taken to animal doctors for regular check ups, grooming, and pet care.  That is why they are prone to sickness and parasites.  Ticks, fleas, bacteria, and digestive parasites are commonly acquired by these pets.  That is why you have to always exercise caution not to get bitten or scratched.  My parents also have dogs.  They take their dogs to the vet to get their regular shots.  And they are on a leash when they take them for a walk around the neighborhood.  My parents, especially my dad, love their pets very much.  K was so happy to know that grandpa and lola (Tagalog word for grandma) have dogs and a cat.

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Dogs Like Familiarity ( Momimhar posted on January 30th, 2016 )

Whether you’ve been a dog owner for a short time or for many years, you’ve probably noticed that your dog seems to have a built-in clock that lets them know when it’s feeding time, when it’s time for family members to come home and when other regular daily activities are to occur. They also seem to have a way of knowing whether the ride you offer them is going to be a fun adventure or something they’d rather not participate in. Using smell as their guide, they know if the walk from the car is going to lead to the vet, a dog-friendly cafe or some other familiar destination. By observing your dog, you will probably discover that familiarity is important to them.

a-dog care


If your dog requires professional grooming and you take them to the same location each time, they will soon become familiar with the groomers and with the sounds and smells associated with the grooming facility. It can be helpful to your dog, if you select a facility that offers a variety of services such as grooming, boarding and daycare.


A trip to doggie day care michigan can be a fun experience for your dog. Finding a doggie day care facility that you are comfortable with involves visiting the facility, asking pertinent questions regarding staff qualifications, finding out about required pet vaccines and making a trial visit with your dog to determine how comfortable it is with other dogs. Day care visits should be a treat for your dog. It could be that you reserve day care visits for times when your dog would have to be alone for more than 8 hours. When the weather is not conducive for long walks, dog park adventures or outdoor playtime, a day at doggie daycare can provide your pet with an outlet for expending some energy.

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Following a routine at home is a good way to support your dog’s desire for consistency and familiarity. Being consistent with meal time and potty time is beneficial to your dog. Keeping its leash, toys, beds and other items in the same location also supports your dog’s desire for consistency. Your dog will look forward to riding opportunities once it realizes that something fun is going to happen. It’s also important that everyone in your home be consistent in enforcing the rules that apply to your dog.

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3 Signs that You Need to Hire a Dog Trainer ( Momimhar posted on August 31st, 2015 )


For most people, having a dog is a vital part of their life and something they take very seriously. Having a dog comes with a lot of responsibility and in order to meet this challenge you will have to do a good bit of research. Among the top concerns for most dog owners is having their pet trained in order to make it easy to interact with other dogs and humans. The time and effort that goes into finding the right trainer will be well worth it in the end. Here are a few of the signs that you may notice when it is time to get your dog trained.

Very Destructive Tendencies

One of the first things that you may notice when it is time to get a dog trainer is their dog being destructive. There are a number of different causes for this type of behavior and getting to the root cause is essential to get it resolved. The faster the owner is able to stop this type of behavior, the easier they will find it to reduce the amount of damage they incur around their home.

Way Too Aggressive 

If the dog that you have is way too aggressive, then it is time to seek out some professional help. This type of aggression can surface in a variety of different ways. The risk of an aggressive dog in relation to meeting new dogs and humans is quite substantial. The trainers will be able to calm the dog down and get them the training they need to stay calm when meeting new people. Taking the time to find the right trainer will be worth it considering the help it can give your dog in social situations.

A Lot Of Barking

Going on another very common sign that a dog owner may notice when it is time to get a trainer is excessive barking at all hours of the day. This habit can become quite annoying over time and will need to be fixed in a hurry. The trainers will be able to get the dog a bit calmer and reduce the amount of barking they do about any and every noise. The money that is paid to the trainer for their help will be well worth it considering the benefits that they have to offer. Finding the right trainer will take some research, but is worth the work put in. The team at awesome k9 will be able to get you the training you need for your furry friend. They have a good deal of experience in getting dogs trained in a timely manner.

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National Dog Day #NationalDogDay #Pets ( Momimhar posted on August 26th, 2015 )

K loves dogs.

K loves dogs.

On the left is Na-Na and Paw-Paw’s pet Snickers. ¬†On the right is friends’ pet Howler. ¬†We keep Howler once in a while whenever our friends’ are going on vacation. ¬†And K loves that.

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