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Kids Clothes–Out With The Old In With The New ( Momimhar posted on August 29th, 2020 )

I can’t believe my darling daughter is gonna be turning 10 soon. Wow! Where did that years go? She’s growing so fast. Most of her clothes are outgrown now. This back to school had me thinking that I need to let go of my girl’s outgrown clothes and buy her new ones.

As I get busy with the new school year, I also plan to clean out closets since I haven’t paid much attention to it during the Summer Break. To be honest, I got pretty lazy. I have been procrastinating. Shame on me. Anyway, there are lots of outgrown girl’s clothes and a few unworn clothes to be donated soon. From dresses to pajamas, there’s lots of them.

Speaking of pajamas, I find it difficult to find the right size or fit for my darling daughter because she’s almost 10 years old and kids’ clothing sizes range are for ages 8-10 or 10-12. Like, there is no exact sizing for a slim 10-year old. Even if I go to an actual store to shop, I go home empty handed because I couldn’t find something that she likes. I understand that some pajamas styles are supposed to be snug-fitting that is why I am kinda picky.

The weather is going to get cool soon before we know it. As early as now, I am shopping online for snug-fit LazyOne family pajamas online. Yes, I also like twinning outfits with my sweetie pie which includes pajamas. I think it’s cute pretty cute. I only buy sleepwear for the family around this time of the year mainly because there are plenty of clearance sales online. Lazy One also have themed pajamas that cater to the special occasions of the year.

But, before I get distracted, I should clean out my darling daughter’s closet first. Like what they said, “out with the old, in with the new”.

Red Ribbon Week at the School ( Momimhar posted on October 25th, 2017 )

Future veterinarian.

It’s Red Ribbon Week at K’s school.  Red Ribbon Week is schools’ campaign against illegal drugs.  As part of the campaign, everyone in the school dresses up according to the approved daily dress up theme.

Monday-Wear Red

Tuesday-Wear Camo

Wednesday-Wear something that will show future career

Thursday-School Spirit Day

Friday-No class (Professional Development for teachers and staff)

I had to go to Walmart on Sunday to buy a camouflage dress for Tuesday’s outfit.  K said she wants a pink camo.  There was no girls pink camo shirt in the store but I saw a girl’s pink camo dress.  So I bought one and so delighted that it’s priced $3 .

Girl’s camo dress.

Then last night was the last minute preparation for today’s career dress up.  I asked K what her future job would be.  Though she had a lot in mind, she was particular about being a doctor for animals.  So veterinarian it is. She had a Doc McStuffins costume in her closet when she was 5.  So I improvised that and created a stethoscope because her stethoscope toy was nowhere to be found.

Doc McStuffins costume.

Veterinarian costume DIY

DIY stethoscope

Gifts From Hong Kong With Love ( Momimhar posted on October 26th, 2016 )

Lovely gifts.

Lovely gifts.

We went over to my cousin E for a visit and have our girls play one afternoon.  It was a beautiful day.  The girls had a great day at playtime, as usual.  E told me that a package from her sister J, who is presently in Hong Kong, arrived and there are gifts for me and my daughter.  I was very surprised to receive these gifts from my cousin in Hong Kong.  Skin care for me and a pretty dress for K.  There two bars of chocolates, too.

Thank you, E.  Also, thank you, J for the gifts.  You’re so sweet.

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