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Receiving The Fruit Of Thy Labor ( Momimhar posted on April 22nd, 2013 )

In times of struggles in life, even a job is hard to find.  I am saying this because my parents and siblings have experienced difficulties in job hunting back home.  Here in the US, as long as you are able (yet even those who have disabilities) and not very picky, you can land a job.  And if blessed with a satisfying compensation, you will be able to pay for your apartment and car.  In addition, you can also pay for your insurance policies.

My family back home has a simple way of living day to day.  My parents do not have a stable job so they do not have the benefits that the regular workers should have.  No Social Security nor life insurance.  Why?  They do not have enough resources to pay for those.  I think workers here in the US are lucky to have those type of privileges (are they?).  It is because when they get old and not able to work anymore, they will be receiving the fruits of their labor.

But there are some senior citizens who get into A Life Settlement  process where they want to get a lump sum of money from their life insurance policies.  It seems to me that they surrender or sell their life insurance policies to a third party.  This way, they do not have to pay for its premiums.  Instead, they will get the money they want and use it to fund particular living expenses.  Sure seems complicated but, like I said, some seniors are doing it.  But whatever the reason is, it is always important to seek a helpful advice.

As we know it, we are not getting any younger.  So we should use our time wisely.  The money we earn from working or business should also be managed properly so our family and ourselves will benefit from good financial management.

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The Importance Of Health Insurance To Our Families ( Momimhar posted on April 20th, 2012 )

I consider Health or Medical Insurance as one of the very important of my life.  It is a huge help to my family in taking care of  medical expenses such as medication, hospitalization, surgery and more health related coverage.  Can you imagine living without health insurance? A much higher payment cost will be a burden to carry for long years.

We have lots of options to get a better health care insurance though, mostly, these are provided by employers and others are provided by the government.  What’s important is we have the opportunity to choose our insurance plan in a cheap or inexpensive way with premiums are within our budget range.  We can always compare plans at, and get quotes from the various insurance providers.

It is best to know how insurance providers will cover claims – basic cost, surgery, doctors and all deductibles.  Getting a health care insurance will give us peace of mind as well as feeling at ease knowing that we are insured.  It is always great to be covered and protected.

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Baby Bedtime Routine ( Momimhar posted on September 12th, 2011 )

As I was playing with my baby last night, my youngest sister who is in college called long distance asking for a favor.  She wanted me to help her with her report.  Her professor gave her and two other classmates (in her group) a topic about insurance. I told my sister that as soon as her niece goes to sleep, I will help her research.

My baby and I have a routine every night before going to bed.  After a bed time bath and already in her pajamas, I let her relax for a while in her crib by playing the music from the Lambie.  We play a little while then we read a book (at least one).  When she shows sleepiness I give her milk and we will rock on the rocking chair.  There are times my little one would fall asleep in my arms.  As I put baby in the crib a good night kiss, “I love you”, and “Sweet dreams” make her feel safe and secure.

The I took my netbook and searched for the insurance company that my sister told me about.  I created a couple of documents for her to study and to present on the day of the report.  That includes the benefits of acquiring healthcare/medical coverage in cases of hospitalization due to pregnancy and delivery.

I hope my sister and her group will do a good job reporting tomorrow.

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