Melissa & Doug Louie Lobster Claw Catcher Bath Toy Was Picked Up After Two Months ( Momimhar posted on February 18th, 2016 )

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Today’s the day I finalized the schedule of pick up of a kids’ bath toy I ordered online two months ago.  Yes I ordered the Melissa & Doug Louie Lobster Claw Catcher bath toy in December because it’s supposed to be a Christmas gift to my niece but for some reason, I didn’t receive a pick up notice from the department store.  The email sent to me was still in the “Processing” status and there was no update of some sort.  I was very disappointed and confused.

Because I got very busy as Christmas was approaching, I wasn’t able to pick up the item.  I called the online store’s customer service for a refund but the staff told me that the item was already in the store ready for pick up.  I told him that I didn’t receive any pick up notice from the store that’s why I was asking for help.

So anyway, my darling daughter and I picked up the bath toy today at Sears in Frisco (Texas).  Now it’s in my daughter’s bathroom.  I’ll just have to find another toy for my niece to bring with us on our flight to the Philippines next month.

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