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You’ve just moved out of home, for the first time you’ve bought your very own bed, and then you hear two strange words: Mattress. Topper. What is a mattress topper and why do people keep telling you to buy one? They are, it turns out, a great investment, and you can almost certainly get one within your price range. Visit the MiniJumbuk website or a similar company to see some of the products available. If you need more convincing first, here are a few reasons you want a mattress topper on your bed.

1. Prolong The Life Of Your Bed

Having a good quality mattress topper on your bed means you’ve added an extra layer of protection to the top of your mattress (hence the term ‘mattress topper’ – genius!). These extra millimetres of fabric will stop superficial damage being done to your mattress, and when you think about how much a decent mattress costs, a mattress topper is fairly cheap insurance. Obviously items like knives and scissors may get through, but you probably shouldn’t have them on the bed anyway!

The bedroom is the most relaxing place in our homes.

The bedroom is the most relaxing place in the house.

2. Keep Your Bed Clean

The extra layer of protection you get from a mattress topper helps to keep your mattress clean for longer. Everything from the skin cells your body sheds each night to the crumbs from your Sunday breakfast in bed will have a harder time burrowing down into the creases of your mattress. The dirt and stains won’t reach the mattress so you won’t have to clean it quite so often.

3. Insulate Yourself

Having a high-quality breathable mattress topper won’t only help keep your mattress clean – it will also help insulate your bed better and regulate your body temperature. Good quality wool materials can keep you snug and warm in winter, and breathable materials like cotton ensure you aren’t too hot in the summer months. If you have trouble getting comfortable at night, this might be an easy fix to help you sleep better!

4. Don’t Worry About Allergies

Speaking of sleeping better, nothing disrupts your dreams more than uncontrollable sneezing caused by allergens. Mattresses can become hosts to a range of allergens and irritants, so investing in a good mattress topper that you clean regularly might help you sleep peacefully. Choose something that breathes and is treated against dust mites.

5. Improve Your Uncomfortable Bed

Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy a nice comfortable bed. But if you find your mattress particularly uncomfortable – too hard, too soft, or too lumpy – a mattress topper can be a nice buffer to improve your sleep. Good mattress toppers will offer additional back support and will make your mattress feel more inviting. So find yourself the right mattress topper and stop the Princess And The Pea situation you have going on.

These are a few great reasons to invest in a high-quality mattress topper. Did you notice a difference when you started using a mattress topper? If you have any tips, make sure you share them in the comments below, and help reduce someone’s insomnia!

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