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Nutritional Energy Drink For Kids ( Momimhar posted on August 31st, 2015 )

Milo energy drink.

Milo chocolate nutritional energy drink.

When it comes to healthy drinks, we want only the best for our children.  Of course, every one of us have our own preferences.  Sometimes we just don’t stick to one healthy drink only because our kids’ taste buds change, too.  But the most important thing is we want them to stay healthy and strong.

Who remembers Milo chocolate drink?  When siblings and I were growing up, Milo has been a part of our daily meal.  It was our breakfast or mid-afternoon drink back then.  A product from #Nestle with vitamins and minerals that every child need.  We never liked drinking milk so Milo chocolate nutritional energy drink was great for us.  Sometimes we’re mixing the drink with rice to make it look like we’re making a porridge.

I bought a few of this drink and let my darling daughter try some to see if she’ll like Milo.  Well, she loved it! I would like for you to try Milo chocolate nutritional energy drink.  One can cost $1.88 in most grocery stores.

Goodness To-Go breakfast/anytime drink

Post Goodness To-Go breakfast/anytime shake drink

Another favorite is the Goodness To-Go Breakfast/Anytime Shake from Post.  I learned about this when I was grocery shopping at Walmart one weekend few months ago.  There was a free sample kiosk for this breakfast drink and there were coupons, too.  It tasted good and hence it’s Vanilla flavor, which my daughter also likes, I took two coupons and grabbed two packs.  Each pack has four and costs about $4.98.  The coupon was $1.50.  I think the price is just right for this one.  Sometimes you’ll find coupons for this at

One Goodness To-Go breakfast drink a day is good.  Try it.  Your child might like it.

3 Signs that You Need to Hire a Dog Trainer ( Momimhar posted on August 31st, 2015 )


For most people, having a dog is a vital part of their life and something they take very seriously. Having a dog comes with a lot of responsibility and in order to meet this challenge you will have to do a good bit of research. Among the top concerns for most dog owners is having their pet trained in order to make it easy to interact with other dogs and humans. The time and effort that goes into finding the right trainer will be well worth it in the end. Here are a few of the signs that you may notice when it is time to get your dog trained.

Very Destructive Tendencies

One of the first things that you may notice when it is time to get a dog trainer is their dog being destructive. There are a number of different causes for this type of behavior and getting to the root cause is essential to get it resolved. The faster the owner is able to stop this type of behavior, the easier they will find it to reduce the amount of damage they incur around their home.

Way Too Aggressive 

If the dog that you have is way too aggressive, then it is time to seek out some professional help. This type of aggression can surface in a variety of different ways. The risk of an aggressive dog in relation to meeting new dogs and humans is quite substantial. The trainers will be able to calm the dog down and get them the training they need to stay calm when meeting new people. Taking the time to find the right trainer will be worth it considering the help it can give your dog in social situations.

A Lot Of Barking

Going on another very common sign that a dog owner may notice when it is time to get a trainer is excessive barking at all hours of the day. This habit can become quite annoying over time and will need to be fixed in a hurry. The trainers will be able to get the dog a bit calmer and reduce the amount of barking they do about any and every noise. The money that is paid to the trainer for their help will be well worth it considering the benefits that they have to offer. Finding the right trainer will take some research, but is worth the work put in. The team at awesome k9 will be able to get you the training you need for your furry friend. They have a good deal of experience in getting dogs trained in a timely manner.

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National Dog Day #NationalDogDay #Pets ( Momimhar posted on August 26th, 2015 )

K loves dogs.

K loves dogs.

On the left is Na-Na and Paw-Paw’s pet Snickers.  On the right is friends’ pet Howler.  We keep Howler once in a while whenever our friends’ are going on vacation.  And K loves that.

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