Nutritional Energy Drink For Kids ( Momimhar posted on August 31st, 2015 )

Milo energy drink.

Milo chocolate nutritional energy drink.

When it comes to healthy drinks, we want only the best for our children.  Of course, every one of us have our own preferences.  Sometimes we just don’t stick to one healthy drink only because our kids’ taste buds change, too.  But the most important thing is we want them to stay healthy and strong.

Who remembers Milo chocolate drink?  When siblings and I were growing up, Milo has been a part of our daily meal.  It was our breakfast or mid-afternoon drink back then.  A product from #Nestle with vitamins and minerals that every child need.  We never liked drinking milk so Milo chocolate nutritional energy drink was great for us.  Sometimes we’re mixing the drink with rice to make it look like we’re making a porridge.

I bought a few of this drink and let my darling daughter try some to see if she’ll like Milo.  Well, she loved it! I would like for you to try Milo chocolate nutritional energy drink.  One can cost $1.88 in most grocery stores.

Goodness To-Go breakfast/anytime drink

Post Goodness To-Go breakfast/anytime shake drink

Another favorite is the Goodness To-Go Breakfast/Anytime Shake from Post.  I learned about this when I was grocery shopping at Walmart one weekend few months ago.  There was a free sample kiosk for this breakfast drink and there were coupons, too.  It tasted good and hence it’s Vanilla flavor, which my daughter also likes, I took two coupons and grabbed two packs.  Each pack has four and costs about $4.98.  The coupon was $1.50.  I think the price is just right for this one.  Sometimes you’ll find coupons for this at

One Goodness To-Go breakfast drink a day is good.  Try it.  Your child might like it.

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  1. Marya says:

    These look great! Will have to check them out!

  2. Tee says:

    I love Vanilla flavored drinks so if I was to pick up a shake from the Post brand, I’d pick one like the one you featured. Bet it tasted good!
    Tee recently posted…Fall Porch Tour By Curly Crafty MomMy Profile

  3. Maggie says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen this in the stores here. I do give my kids Ovaltine if I think they aren’t getting their vitamins and minerals.
    Maggie recently posted…Ipsy August UnboxingMy Profile

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