Who Gets Your Trust On Babysitting Your Child? ( Momimhar posted on December 17th, 2014 )

When it comes to babysitting your child, who gets your trust on this?  Many of us parents put our children to daycare.  This applies most of the time to those who are working.  But to moms like me who are stay at home and working only part time, we hire a babysitter.

Babysitting is not an easy job.  And leaving our child with a babysitter is not easy either.  Babysitters have to be well-trained, reliable, trustworthy, and affectionate.  Certified babysitters posses proper documents to prove that they are capable to take care of our beloved kids.  We all know that daycare and babysitting service is not cheap.  So for parents like me who do not have that much money to hire one find someone who can help me with babysitting.

On special occasion like a Holiday party, my dear husband and I ask a close friend or a family to watch or babysit our daughter for a few hours then we picked her up after the party.  When we went to my husband’s company Holiday party last year, DD’s godmother babysit her because their house is closer to the party venue.  This year’s company Holiday party venue was held closer to our area so my cousin watched over DD.

We feel very comfortable when we leave our kids to the people who we trust the most.  We know that they will be well-taken care of while we are away for a few hours.  But of course, it is also are responsibility to call and check on them once in a while to see if everything is okay.  This way, we can figure out solution if just in case a problem arises.


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