Special Wedding Gifts ( Momimhar posted on December 7th, 2012 )

Weddings are one of the most memorable moment in a person’s life.  These are treasured forever.  The memories of this special event is always shared to the next generation of couples.  Though every culture conduct and celebrate weddings  differently, the concept of uniting a man and a woman into matrimony is there.  Marriage is sacred.

Of course, since a wedding is a very special event, special gifts are given to the couple.  In this modern time, items like appliances and home essentials are given as gifts.  Sometimes relatives of both parties give treats like a getaway for a week or something.  Also, precious gemstones like Moissanite made into jewelry is a nice  gift to the bride too.

Some tradition in weddings come with passing along mementos of treasured things like jewelry.  Usually these precious things come from the great great grandparents with lovely stories to be told.  These and other special things given to honor the bride and groom add joy to occasions like weddings.

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  1. emma says:

    A piece of jewelry is truly a great gift for the blushing bride on her wedding day ..something given she can wear as she march down the aisle. Moreso if it is made from a fine and expensive stone! makes the bride’s day even brighter :).

  2. Working MAMA says:

    love that jewel

  3. Liza says:

    I love weddings, it’s the beginning of a new life for both hsuband and wife. I hope it ends up well for them 🙂 Jewelries is a perfect gift for the bride, although when my sister in law got married she asked for a cookie pan 🙂

  4. That’s a pretty pendant. Hubby gave me a rose pendant which I really really love during our first meeting!

  5. jheylo says:

    wedding is indeed one of the most memorable event and having special gifts from the people you love would be even more special. this jewelry is really pretty and i’m sure the bride will be happy to receive it

  6. That looks really beautiful. From my personal perspective I prefer bangles or ring which is more visible compared to charms or pendants. I do bet though that anyone would be very lucky to get one like this. 🙂

  7. Recently my sister had her wedding and I gave her a set of bed sheet and a photo album which is like also an scrapbook which she can use in posting her wedding photos.

  8. Shela says:

    I would love to have a diamond ring in our wedding anniversary hehehe.

  9. Some families have this kind of tradition of passing into a cherish gem on their wedding day. I wish our family has this kind of tradition to.

  10. I like to give a gift like that and yes wedding is a special occasion where it will be remembered forever…

  11. Joy H says:

    That was a nice idea though giving a gift to the bride especially if the gift came from her fiance.

  12. emzkie says:

    when i got married, nobody gave me any gifts. lol. because i got married in a courthouse and there were only 2 people who attended my wedding and that is my inlaws. and they are just poor old people. well i dont mind anyhow. lol. as long as i am marrying my man is enough for me. hehe but it sure nice to receive some gifts such as this one. =D

  13. peachy says:

    WOW! I wished I received precious gemstone when I got married!

  14. rocky says:

    thats really a nice jewelry pendant

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