Happy Birthday Daddy! ( Momimhar posted on October 1st, 2012 )

It’s daddy’s birthday today!  My daughter and bought a pair of work shoes three days ago before we went to Tyler for the advance birthday celebration with his parents.  Daddy is happy that he has new shoes.

Baby and I also bought birthday cards for daddy.  I thought it’s kinda sweet to get her own card to give to daddy.  Though she cannot write yet, I guided her hands so she can scribble her name in the card.

When we were at daddy’s parents house, we sang the Happy Birthday song and my little girl sang it sweetly.  We’re very proud of our little princess because she can sing in tune.  Her grandma gave her a Barney DVD full of songs and storytelling.  It’s one of her favorite DVD so far.

It was a simple birthday celebration.  My mother-in-law made Beef And Broccolli partnered with corn and dinner rolls.  For dessert, she baked a lemon pie…my husband’s favorite.

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