Baby Hunts For Easter Eggs ( Momimhar posted on April 8th, 2012 )

Baby had a great time visiting with her Na-na and Paw-paw this weekend.  As usual, they played and played.  My little girl loves her grandparents.

Saturday my MIL and I went shopping for Easter treats.  I bought an Easter Basket for my baby girl and a girl’s sundress for her cousin.  If I remembered it right, this is the first time I bought girls clothes for my hubby’s niece.  Then I helped my MIL in the kitchen for Easter dinner.

Easter Baskets for baby from grandparents and us

We went to church this morning and it’s the first time we took baby to church.  At the first half of the service she’s enjoying the singing and clapping. When she was starting to squirm, my husband took her to the hall.  We have to agree about religious matters soon.

After dinner, my FIL began giving instructions about the Easter Egg Hunt procedures in the backyard.  He does not want any chaos so the grandpa let the two girls (my daughter and hubby’s niece) to look for the eggs first.  The eggs for my little girl were scattered on the grass.  Her daddy helped her by pointing where they are.  She picked and put them in the basket with no problem.  Really cute.   Next was the boys’ (the young girl’s siblings) turn to hunt for Easter Eggs.  We hid them very good.  It was fun watching them look really hard for the eggs and happily found them.

Egg hunting with daddy

It’s my daughter’s great Easter Egg Hunt.  A memorable and special moment for her.  Though she still too young to understand, I know she had fun.

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