Don’t Let Bullying Bother And Scare Your Kids ( Momimhar posted on March 30th, 2012 )

Sometimes kids draw disturbing things (like guns or car wrecks).  If your child’s masterpiece freaks you out, know that it likely came from a fear of bad things happening – not wanting to hurt others.

Look closely. Try to figure out what your child’s drawing means.  A monster is likely fear related, but violence directed at another person (say, someone stabbing someone else) is cause of concern.

-From what I have had seen from a child I knew before, he drew two kids.  One was holding a small bucket hitting the other.  He told me that the one who’s hitting with a bucket is his older brother and he’s the one who’s got hit.  That was upsetting.  Older siblings should look after their younger brothers or sisters treating them nice and take care of them.

Ask about it.  If a drawing raises a red flag, it’s important to find out what’s going on in your kid’s head.  Ask about the picture – who is in it, and what he was thinking of when he drew it.

-When it’s play time, my niece and nephew sometimes draw and play pretend.  They always show me their drawings.  Gladly they express happy thoughts in their artwork.  It is very important to communicate with kids even in a little way.

Talk it out.  If your kid can’t explain it, ask him flat out if there’s anything he’s afraid of or if something’s bothering him.  Once you identify the fear, you can help him work through it.

-Kids sometimes do not tell what’s bothering them.  It requires patience to let them open up.  My sister was bullied by a classmate when she was in high school.  We did not know until I went to her room and started a typical conversation with her.  Then we came to the point where I asked how’s school and stuff like that.  Then she became quiet for a while.  I did not stop talking, asking her then suddenly she was teary-eyed telling me about that classmate bullying her in school.  After I learned about the situation that night, my mother and I went to her school and talked to the teacher/adviser.  We confronted the boy who was giving my sister a hard time in their class.  After that, my sister’s back to her cheerful aura. 

Reference:  Parents, December 2010

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