Ideas To Lessen The Intensity Of Sound In Your Home ( Momimhar posted on February 5th, 2012 )

My closest cousin and I lived together with my aunt’s family.  I love my aunt and her family but they are loud.  Her son listens to music like he is the only human on earth.  We also had neighbors who were fighting almost all the time.  It was so noisy!  If you or one of your family is currently in this situation, you might want to share them these tips.

If too noisy at home, try these sound-deadening ideas from, “especially when your neighbor sings like a cat in the heat” and you can’t cover your walls in foam:

Wherever air gets in, noise gets in.  Make sure the windows and doors are sealed and weather-stripped.

Everyone knows that curtains and fabric wall hangings cut down on sound, but don’t rule out rearranging the furniture.  If a shared wall or a wall facing the street is noisy, consider placing a “big upholstered couch” there to absorb sound.

Rugs are great sound mufflers.  The plusher or shaggier they are, the better.  And area rugs on top of carpeting work better still.

I do not like too much noise or even loud noises in and outside my home.  Especially now that I have a child.  Too much noise or loud sounds are not good to a child’s hearing.

Source: for Reader’s Digest Dec. 2010/Jan. 2011

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