Is There Any Way You Can Tell Me? ( Momimhar posted on June 14th, 2009 )

I do not understand why my niece passed out suddenly late at night few weeks ago. It happened to her twice when I was back home few years ago. The situation really bothers me because something is not right…I guess. Maybe she was very exhausted from playing, she lacked sleep, or maybe…she did not eat properly. I worry about my niece. That is why my mother and I always remind my younger sister to take good care of her son and daughter and to provide them with proper, nutritious foods all the time. I do not want anybody to get sick.

Is there any way you can tell me what does it mean? Is this a symptom of what? Does my niece have a heart problem? Please help…

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  1. Merryn says:

    wat does her paed say? low blood pressure?

  2. madz says:

    Have you gone to the doctor?

  3. star says:

    you better go to the doctor and let him check your niece. HAve a great day Marlyms.

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