Doing Fine In School ( Momimhar posted on June 7th, 2009 )

I received updates from my sister that the first week of school was pretty good. My niece and nephew are doing fine with their new year level. Clifford is now in the first grade. He is comprehending with the lessons. Same with Joy. She is in the fifth grade now and getting smarter. My youngest sister is now in the 10th grade. and she will be graduating next year. I know being in the last year in high school is kind of difficult because of many requirements and academic projects. But I know she can do it with confidence. She is a bright student. Ah, nice to hear good news like that. The kids are inspired to study hard.
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    thanks for visiting me, it's so nice to see kids doing good in their studies.

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    thanks for passsing on my site,,,, i miss school days… (always have allowance LOL)

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