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Effective Medicine ( Momimhar posted on July 5th, 2009 )

I am relieved that my niece is feeling better now. The doctor’s prescribed antibiotic medicine worked effectively on my niece’s UTI. At present, she is maintaining the vitamins the doctor has prescribed her to take daily. She should eat meals on time too and quit eating salty snacks. I am so thankful to God my niece is better now. God is good.

What Made Her Colapse ( Momimhar posted on June 22nd, 2009 )

My niece’s condition right now is under observation for a week…for the medication the doctor had prescribed her. Why? Because he, the doctor, found out that her urinary tract has an infection. So he prescribed an antibiotic medicine. Urinary tract infection? Was it bothering her since she was little and we did not know about it? The doctor explained the cause of my niece’s fainting was the high temperature (fever) inside her body. He also said that she has low blood pressure. So he prescribed a vitamin supplement.

I am so worried. I felt helpless because I am so far away from my niece. Hopefully, she will get well soon. My parents and siblings tend to her and checked on her once in a while especially at night when she is sleeping.

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