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Halloween 2015: Do You Visit Other Neighborhoods For Trick or Treat? ( Momimhar posted on November 1st, 2015 )

It’s Halloween again and time for Trick or Treat.  I thought it’s gonna rain last night.  It was raining hard all day Friday while my darling daughter and I were visiting my cousin Em and her girls.  We talked about her daughter AC’s upcoming birthday next week.  She’s turning 5.  Oh, how fast the years go by.  And coming next month is my dear K’s 5th birthday as well.

Anyway, yesterday was a nice day.  Though it was gloomy and chilly, it didn’t rain so we were able to do Trick or Treat last night.  I bought the candies and chocolates Friday night at Dollar General.  We’re thankful that there is a grocery store nearby where we can buy stuff we need immediately.  As per the pumpkin carving, we carved it yesterday afternoon.  K picked the pattern from the Pumpkin Carving Kit I bought for $.59 cents last year.  It’s a bat.  Last year’s Halloween pumpkin carving was Ariel of The Little Mermaid.

Big orange pumpkin.

Big orange pumpkin.

Daddy is carving the pumpkin.

Daddy is carving the pumpkin.

Candies and chocolates are ready.

Candies and chocolates are ready.

As usual, darling K was very excited to do Trick or Treat.  As soon as it got dark, we went ahead trick or treating.  It was really chilly last night so I brought our jackets with me because it was quite a long walk around our neighborhood.  After we did our trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, K wanted to go see her cousins AC and Lexi and wanted to do trick or treat at their house.  So we drove to Nevada Lakes.  Do you go to other neighborhood to Trick or Treat?  It’s the first time we did it.  We thought they weren’t home yet from an event in town but they have been home for a while and started trick or treating at the houses next block from theirs.  I heard a familiar voice echoing in the dark.  Then I knew it was them.  I let K call AC’s name.  AC answered in wonder.  Then K called her name again, running towards them.  The kids were glad to see each other.  It’s the first time they Trick or Treat together.

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Una Verse and Ginormica. :)

Una Verse and Ginormica. 🙂

The buckets got heavier and the girls were tired.  ‘Twas time to go home.  We visited at Em’s for a little while then K and I went home.  The kids had fun.

How about you?  How was your Halloween Trick or Treat?

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Mommy’s Birthday Treats ( Momimhar posted on January 31st, 2013 )

It was my birthday yesterday and look who’s anxious to eat my birthday cupcakes. 🙂  My husband brought a bouquet of red roses with greeting card.  And he bought four cupcakes, too.  As soon as he put my presents on the dining table our darling daughter climb up the chair and said “Looks yummy, mommy!”

I was touched with the message in the greeting card.  It really feels good to know that my family appreciates me as a person and as a mother.  As days get busier and more stressful, I am doing my best to keep up with everything.


Anxious to eat my birthday cake. 🙂

You think I got a treat on my birthday?  Well, I already received the present in advance with regards to relaxation – vacation.  My husband’s parents gave me a very soft and comfy jacket and a silver bracelet.  I am very lucky to have such a thoughtful parents-in-law and a very loving husband.  My darling daughter is so sweet that she has been greeting me a happy birthday for days.  🙂 I love them so much!

I have a new jacket and I won’t be looking for one for now.  It’s just the right fit and the right style that I was looking for.  The bracelet is so unique that makes it really cute.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

Awww…this mom loves treats, too!

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Trick or Treat 2012 ( Momimhar posted on November 3rd, 2012 )

Baby had a great time Wednesday night for Trick or Treat.  This time, she walked with me through our house-to-house visit in the neighborhood.  She was talking all the time.  She liked the idea of pushing the doorbell or knocking at the neighbor’s door and then saying “Trick or treat.”  Everybody said she’s so cute in her Halloween costume as a flower.  Well, I’m happy that I was able to find this costume at Walmart.

Unlike last year, we brought a light stick that helped us be seen in the dark.  On our way home, my daughter asked me to carry her. When we got home, she began taking inventory of her treats.  She’s so cute.

There wasn’t a lot of kids came for trick or treat in our neighborhood.  Maybe because the Halloween falls on a weekday.  So we still have plenty of candies left.  I will just pack them properly in a bag and put in the luggage to take with us on our vacation.  The kids back home would be happy.  On the other hand, I don’t let my darling daughter eat too much sweets.  The first chocolates she tried were M&Ms.  And she looks for them once in a while.  Now that she saw some lollipops, she’ll ask for them too for sure.

My darling daughter in a flower costume 🙂

Taking inventory

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