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High School JS Prom 1 ( Momimhar posted on February 1st, 2010 )

I still remember how my JS prom went when I was in high school. It was fun. Though it was not so great like Juniors and Seniors (JS) prom now. During my Junior and Senior days, excitement’s in the air when the teachers say that the prom is already scheduled. And we have to practice the dance for three weeks. We are excited in the dance practice too because we had to see the crushes. Then the dress has to be uniform in color. The committee votes for what’s the dress motif’s gonna be for the prom year. When I was a Junior (third year high school), our dress motif was peach. And when I was a Senior (fourth year high school), the motif was mint green. We’ll buy the cloth and it’s up to us what dress style we have to have it made. Of course, we are very conservative that time. As far as I can remember, I have never seen somebody exposed some flesh…or maybe I just haven’t seen one 🙂

But the JS prom always brings excitement to high school students. It is the first formal party in high school life.

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