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Zootopia Movie Date With Na-Na And Cousin #Zootopia #DisneyMovie ( Momimhar posted on March 7th, 2016 )

It is another birthday celebration this month.  It’s Mom’s birthday.  Since we didn’t come over last weekend, K and I drove this afternoon to Tyler to visit our beloved folks.  And also to be with the family since K and I will be traveling and will be gone for eight weeks for our vacation.  We had a pretty nice plan during our visit and birthday celebration.  First was watching Zootopia with Mom and a cousin JA. He’s already on Spring break.  K was looking forward to this movie since it’s first trailer show when we saw the Inside Out movie last year.  Cousin SR had gone to Dallas with her mom and dad, cousin P was in school, and Paw-Paw was busy installing the new microwave oven he bought from Lowe’s, so only the four of us went to watch the animated movie from Disney.

We watched the Zootopia movie at Studio Movie Grill.  It’s one of those cinema chain where you can dine inside the theater.  We ordered popcorn and a few drinks for us.  To me, I rate the service 3 out of 5 stars.  Because it took a while before our orders served.  Well, I understand the busy work because there were so many viewers in the theater.  But you have to really watch it when you order drinks especially for your kids.  I ordered Strawberry Icee.  I did repeat the order more than twice to the server.  When it was served, it tasted different.  I am pretty sure it was not Strawberry Icee.  I don’t know if there was a mess up with the orders or what, but I am pretty sure that the drink they served wasn’t the one I ordered.  So Mom complained about it.  They took off that particular drink from the bill.  I suggest that you should take the first sip of your kids’ drinks when you’re at the movies.  It’s dark in the theater you know.

Anyway, my daughter liked the movie.  It was funny and thrilling.  My favorite funny part was when Officer Hopps and Nick went to the DMV where sloths are the employees.  You have to see the movie to find out why. 🙂  Okay, second in the plan was to let K play with her cousins.  That’s always in my agenda whenever we come visit. Lastly, was to spend the night so we have more time with Mom and Dad.  K loves being with her grandparents.

Bad weather started coming this morning – thunderstorms, heavy rains, and strong winds.  There’s a Flood Warning everywhere until Friday.  It was raining hard when we got out of the cinema.  It’s getting nasty so we will just go home tomorrow.

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Big Hero 6 Movie ( Momimhar posted on November 8th, 2014 )

Of course, I had to take our pictures before the movie started.

Of course, I had to take our pictures before the movie started.

Although it was very chilly today, we watched a movie that my darling daughter was super excited about.  Since she saw the trailer of this movie on television, DD has been looking forward to watching it in the cinema.  Yesterday was the official showing of Big Hero 6 in theaters.  But we decided to watch today, Saturday, because we want daddy to go with us.  This is the second time we watched a movie in a theater.  The first movie we saw was Maleficent.  Darling daughter really enjoyed watching a movie in a big screen.  She’s happier because daddy went with us.

When I was checking for showing times in Cinemax in Rockwall, 11:00 A.M. was the early bird time.  The movie ticket price was like $6.50 per ticket.  No wonder the tickets were sold out when we got there.  We found Big Hero 6 a nice movie.  It was funny and had a little of drama in it.  The movie featured high technology discoveries and invention of young geniuses including the main character Hiro, which became their tool to become super heroes.  Baymax was so adorable.  🙂  I thought Hiro’s brother Tadashi was going to be one of the member’s of Big Hero 6.  You have to see the movie to know why.

In the last scenes of the movie, DD felt a little sad.  It was because she thought Hiro totally losts Baymax.  But he really didn’t.  Again, you have to see the movie to see why.  🙂  We’ll gonna get a copy of the movie’s DVD as soon as it becomes available.


(Image is not mine.)


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Disney’s Maleficent ( Momimhar posted on June 1st, 2014 )

These two little girls are excited to watch a movie in the big screen.

DD and her cousin were excited to watch a movie in the big screen.

Here they are.  'Couldn't wait for the movie to start. :)

Here they are. ‘Couldn’t wait for the movie to start. 🙂

I took my little girl to a movie today.  We watched Disney’s Maleficent movie together with my cousin and a few of our girl friends.  My cousin brought her first born daughter with her, too.  The little girls were very excited to see a movie.  It was their first time to watch a movie in a theater.  So that was a big deal to them because, as we entered the cinema, they both said that the place is amazing.  🙂

The Maleficent movie was rated PG (Parental Guidance).  My darling daughter kept asking questions.  We watched the movie in 3D so we were given and used 3D glasses.  DD wasn’t comfortable wearing the glasses at first but I told her she will be able to see the picture way better with the 3D glasses.  She wasn’t scared of the battle and all that.  She was fascinated by the fairies and the creatures in the Moors where Maleficent lives.  The two girls got quiet and focused in the movie when Princess Aurora was born.  They were waiting for her to prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel.  Of course, that was a part in the fairytale book that we read at home. 🙂

I was glad that DD behaved in the movie theater.  She even told me that she wanted our house to have a big screen, stairs and carpet like in the movie theater.  Uhm…okay?!  Hahaha!

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