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The Holidays Are Coming Up ( Momimhar posted on October 28th, 2021 )

We have been taking it easy since the pandemic hit. Though it was quite difficult to not roam around in town much, my family definitely kept being active outdoors. We mostly hung out in parks and drove around town sometimes.

Now that it is back to school once again, our schedule was modified a little. Plus, the holidays are just around the corner. Most activities we have now been school-related and extracurriculars. The schools were focusing on health and safety since the COVID-19 pandemic. Regular cleaning and sanitation is in full swing. Which, I think, is very important right now. Our kids’ safety is the priority.

Speaking of the holidays, we are almost done with October, you all. Thanksgiving is going to be here before we know it. Christmas, on the other hand, is peeking through. Aren’t you all excited? 😀

My darling daughter asked me one day early in September if we can put up the Christmas tree already. I was like, “you have to ask your dad”. She did. Then my dear hubby said “not until after Thanksgiving”. Well, we did not want to argue, so we will just wait until then. But, I thought of the small Christmas tree we had been keeping in the attic for years (which is a fiber optics one). I told my daughter we will just put it in her bedroom. She was super glad about the idea.

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