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It’s the month of June, everyone!  That means summer is just around the corner.  I hope the weather is wonderful in your areas. It has been raining like crazy here in Texas.  Some lakes and rivers are overflowing.  The one behind our neighborhood is super full that the water is almost on the road.  Thankfully it didn’t. It’s supposed to be clear and sunny all week this week.  🙂

a - water level

The lake’s water level.

Are you and your family excited for the summer vacation?  We are.  I cannot wait to go on a summer getaway with my family. I hope DD won’t get sick these days because there are so many kids’ activities during summer and party invitations too.

DD was invited to a couple of birthday parties.  One was last Saturday and the other one was yesterday.  She wasn’t able to go last Saturday because she was not feeling completely well.  She caught a cold and ran a fever Friday evening.  Her body temperature was 101.3 F  and I was very worried.  The next day, which is Saturday, she is still feeling weak.  So we declined the birthday invitation and I let DD rest a lot on that day.

Then yesterday, Sunday, she said she wanted to go to Avi’s birthday party.  So we went and joined Avi’s 8th birthday party held at one of my girl friends’ home.  The weather was wonderful.  The kids spent most of the afternoon playing in the backyard.  Everybody had a great time at the party especially when it was cake time.

They found the swimming pool noodles. :)

They found the swimming pool noodles and played sword fight. 🙂

Avi's pretty pink Lalaloopsy birthday cake.

Avi’s pretty pink Lalaloopsy birthday cake.

And you know what, behind the fun and happiness of this party is also a little sadness.  Why?  Because Avi and her family is moving.  They will be moving to Tennessee next week.  We will surely miss them.


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