We Are The Happiest Mom In The World ( Momimhar posted on June 29th, 2013 )

You know, being a full time wife and stay-at-home mom is sometimes tiring and upsetting.  But whenever we see our child or children behaving well, act responsibly, and learning fast, we are the happiest mom in the world.

My darling daughter has been fascinated with the Leap Frog’s Letter Factory and Word Factory.  She imitates the phonics sounds of the alphabet.  I am very amused how she gets very interested copying the sounds of each letter.  But he DVDs were only borrowed from the library.

We have an over due DVDs and books to the library that include the Leap Frog’s.  They were due yesterday and I forgot to bring them all at Toddler Story Time.  And so I have to pay the penalty of $.10 per book per day.  Though the total did not reach $3.00, still I was upset with myself because of being forgetful.  On the lighter note, I just consider my payment as a donation to our local library as it has free programs offered to the public.

I have to find and buy Leap Frog’s Letter Factory and Word Factory DVDs so my DD will continue learn the phonics.  I hope I can shop for those soon.  And I think they are cheaper online.

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