The BIG Day ( Momimhar posted on May 4th, 2011 )

I never thought that I’d have a big wedding but here I am, a month away from my big day planning out how to seat 300 people in a ballroom! My fiancé has a huge family (8 brothers and sisters) so there was really no question when we got engaged what kind of wedding we’d have. I’d always imagined a quiet ceremony on a tropical beach somewhere but that’s definitely not what we’re getting! Thankfully my parents have been very gracious about the cost and we found an absolutely wonderful venue here in town – I wasn’t sure there was anywhere that was big enough!

I did a lot of the preliminary research online using my mobile broadband from clear 4G internet sitting outside of sites in their parking lot! I also had to scramble to find enough bridesmaids to match my fiance’s ten groomsmen – luckily I had a lot of old college friends who were excited to help!

The only good thing about having such a big wedding is that maybe we’ll get tons of great gifts!

Guest post from: Constance Rodgers

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    congrats on your wedding day

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