Getting Ready For Another School Year ( Momimhar posted on May 23rd, 2009 )

Getting ready for another school year. I was informed that our students at home were already enrolled for this school year. The enrollment period started on the 18th and classes will be on June 1st. Meaning, they only have two weeks of preparation like buying schools supplies and school uniforms.Prices of school supplies are getting high so as the uniforms. Before, a P 100.00 peso bill (about $ 2.00) can buy me seven notebooks and three pens for my seven major subjects in the class. Today, you can only get yourself a maximum of five notebooks in this amount (I am talking about fine quality supplies). We usually buy supplies at National Bookstore. They have wide selection of school supplies available to students from grades school to college. Plus, they also have office supplies and books…of course. Sometimes, if the budget is too tight, we buy notebooks, paper, pens, and everything else in the market. The market has stores that offer low-priced school supplies too. Some uniforms are bought in the school (if in private), but we buy yards of cloth to be tailored as uniforms. To me it is more affordable. Because if you buy it in sets, you will be spending like a thousand pesos.

Oh well, that is how it goes. What we are doing right now is providing our students the things they need in school because it helps them become motivated and inspired to study hard. I hope my sister, niece and nephew will have fun at school.

This school year…
Delyn is in 10th Grade,
Joy is in 5th Grade, and
Clifford is in 1st Grade.


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3 responses

  1. madz says:

    Back when I was still studying, I also buy notebooks at National Bookstore. I think it is convenient to buy there ‘coz you have there all you need.

    God BLess your students, Hope they got good grades this school year 🙂

  2. puzzle says:

    It is true that having good school supplies motivates students to study hard 🙂

  3. Bright Bundles says:

    National bookstore is the total bookstore 🙂

    @ puzzle
    same here. even though i did not have pretty school supplies before, i made them look appealing by putting some decor on them 🙂

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