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Summertime, Pool Time ( Momimhar posted on June 21st, 2014 )

What a great day to start the first day of summer.  My brother-in-law and his wife invited us last week for a swimming party this afternoon.  My little one was very excited to know that she will go swimming again at Uncle G’s neighborhood pool. Nana hasn’t gone home yet and she went with us to the pool.  After she came over at our house for a visit, she went ahead and visit her son and daughter-in-law, too.

We all went to the play park first to let darling daughter play for a little while before going to the pool.  DD had fun climbing up the bars to the big slide.  She and uncle Gerald were buddies at the playground.  It was an overcast day and quite breezy and humid.  This kind of weather seemed to be the most critical in getting a sunburn.  So we put on enough sunscreen on DD and on us too.  Sunscreen is very important to carry wherever we go because the heat of the sun in the summer days is intense.  Especially when we are at the beach, swimming pools, or splash parks.  I always remind DD not to forget to put on sunscreen.  She actually knows where we keep the sun-protection product in the house.

plane in overcast sky

It is always great to have family get-together once in a while.  It doesn’t have to be extravagant.  A simple party is more fun especially in summer.  Swimming party is also a good idea.

We all had our swimwear on and when we arrived at the pool, darling daughter couldn’t wait to get into the water.  She didn’t like wearing the float at first.  With pure patience and lots motivation from uncle G and daddy, she eventually wore the floats and swim vest.  She realized that she can have more fun with floats on because she wasn’t sinking.  At the pool it is always recommended to put floaties on small children especially on toddlers.

Putting on the floaties.

Putting on the floaties.

When DD had her floaties on, she and uncle G got into the water.  Daddy got into the pool second.  I was very anxious to get in the pool.  So I jumped into the water to be able to, at least, resist the coldness.  🙂  After a little while, the water felt so good.  We swam and played in the pool for a couple of hours or so until it was time for dinner.

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