Indoor Swimming Pool ( Momimhar posted on July 19th, 2012 )

Again, it’s a wonderful week.  My daughter was invited to a kids birthday party in Plano.  My friend’s son turned 8 and the party was held at Tom Muehlenbeck Center.  The party includes swimming so we brought our swimwear.

Andrew’s Birthday Party

Tom Muehlenbeck Center is a big recreation area in Plano.  It has both indoor and outdoor pools.  The pools have an appropriate depth levels for guests to splash in.  Admission to use the pools are based on age:

$3 for youth 3-15

$6 for adults 16 and up

Indoor Swimming Pool

It is a good idea to celebrate a special occasion like kids parties in a recreation center in the summer.  This way, if you are planning to include swimming in the party activity, an indoor pool is going to be perfect for everybody.

Birthday Party favor (cup, two hand towels, marshmallows on sticks, and art supplies)

My daughter had fun at the party especially in the water.  She did not want to get out of the water when it was time to go home.  What I did not like was the shower rooms are located at the locker rooms…a bit farther because we had to walk across the hallway from the pool.  In fairness, the center has nice shower rooms.

It was my baby’s first time in the swimming pool.  She wasn’t scared at all.

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