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We Have A Middle School Cheerleader ( Momimhar posted on February 29th, 2024 )

It is tryouts season. Today is the Middle School Cheer Tryouts in our school district. And this afternoon, as soon as the school dismissed, my darling daughter and I got really busy getting ready for the tryouts.

The night before, I asked my daughter about the routine that her group’s going to do. She told me they have learned the stunt thoroughly from the cheer clinic days prior. She’s in the backspot position just like what she’s always been in All Star cheer. What concerned her was, how to present an individual spirit cheer prior to the group stunt. They were told about it but she wasn’t sure what to do. So I asked her if she would like to do her jumps. She agreed and practiced a few times the night before.

Back to the cheer tryouts night, I picked her up from school and we drove to the athletic facility where the tryouts were held. My daughter already brought her tryouts clothes to school with her this morning, so I brought the hair sprays and stuff. The cheer parents were parked there waiting until the whole thing was done. After three hours, the girls came out of the athletic facility. One of the cheer moms had the sandwiches, chips, and drinks in her car. When the girls came out of the building, they ate while waiting for the result.

When a parent and her excited daughter walked toward the athletics building, I knew the result was out. It didn’t take long. I was wondering if my daughter made it. I was looking towards the car where she was, eating with her friends, thinking if she will come out walking towards where I was. That would be my hint that she didn’t make it. But, to my surprise, she jumped out from the back of her friend’s SUV following her her friends towards the building. Unfortunately, my cellphone didn’t have a signal in that area that night so I couldn’t access the school’s page for the result. I got out of the car hoping to find a fellow mom to ask about it. Then someone asked me if I knew my daughter’s sticker number. I said I didn’t notice it. She gave sent me a screenshot of the result and all I saw was numbers. I was very anxious. But I already have a little hope in my heart that my darling daughter made it to the cheer team.

As the group of us moms walked inside the gym, I was stretching my neck and looked around eager to find my daughter in the crowd. To my surprise, I saw her with a friend waving a paper. I hurriedly took a closer look and my daughter smilingly said to me, “I made it, mom!”. She happily handed me the certificate. I was so ecstatic! So proud of darling K and the rest of the girls. They worked hard for this and it turned out to be successful.

Today’s the day! And yes, we officially have a middle school cheerleader. It is going to be fun! 😀

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