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What The Future Is Gonna Be ( Momimhar posted on January 14th, 2010 )

Wondering what the future is gonna be for my brother and sister who now have their own families.I still feel sad because they got married at a young age. During that time, the opportunity of getting a college education was right before them. But they picked a different choice. Many years of struggles had passed, and it seems to me, their life is still the same…except they have their own children now.

I have been thinking and asking myself how can I help them now? We are not getting any younger. The children are growing fast. Situations these days are unpredictable. I want to help as possibly as I can. But I want them to help and think for themselves too. As the eldest sibling, my responsibility is not limited to myself only. I still care for my family’s welfare back home. Until when? Maybe until I get old. Because as a Filipino, I have strong family ties.

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