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Milk For Good Nutrition ( Momimhar posted on August 18th, 2009 )

My youngest nephew has turned two years old last month.  He is not an infant anymore.  He is now a toddler.  Here is how they term it:

Child’s Age (Definitions May Vary)

1 month = newborn

1-12 months = infant

12-5 years = toddler

My nephew is growing fast and he is getting smarter everyday.  He remembers things especially what he hears from his parents.  So they better be careful not to let him hear their arguments.

My sister-in-law is having concerns about the right milk for her son.  She stopped nursing him when he turned one year old.  From then on, she started giving him formula.  Now that my nephew has turned two, she is wondering if giving him skim milk is fine.  Actually, my nephew can drink skim milk.  But it should be appropriate with his age.  Like Bear Brand 1 Plus.  It is made specifically for toddlers.  And when he turns three, there is Bear Brand 3 Plus that she can buy for him too.

Milk is very important for good nutrition especially for children.  I always advice my niece and nephews to drink milk at least twice a day.

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Breasfeeding Is Better ( Momimhar posted on March 5th, 2009 )

Healthy children are free from sickness. They are lively, active, and bright. Health experts say that breast milk is the best food to sustain a baby’s nutrition. In fact, babies get the huge health benefits from breast milk. I do not think majority of the mothers are breastfeeding today. With the growing number of working mothers, the idea of feeding babies with breast milk is left behind. There are women who do not have the capacity to produce breast milk so they rely on infant milk substitutes in boxes or in cans. I understand that.

Me and my siblings were breastfed. During those times, my mother was eating healthy foods to sustain her body with good nutrition. Practically, breastfeeding is better.

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