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Immediate Help In Medical Needs ( Momimhar posted on July 8th, 2009 )

In times of tight budget, and a member of the family gets sick, it is very difficult to find someone to turn to if you need a helping hand. You cannot ask for an immediate help from a person. So what happens is that, you will just wait until you find a way to get help…financial help. It is because there is nothing in your financial capability to take a sick member of the family to a doctor immediately. No health insurance. It makes me feel bad because we had two terrible medical situation this month. My niece had UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), and her mother (my sister) is recovering from an artery disorder. This is the bothersome moment of our lives. In addition to the situation, we do not have enough funds at this time. So visiting a private doctor surely costs us a big amount of money because of the consultation fees. It is really tough.Having a health insurance plan is very beneficial to everyone. If you choose a plan that includes doctor visits and wellness check ups coverage, I tell you, that is the best. But, “plans may pay differently”, says Schebler Staner in her article titled Health Insurance Plan Covers Doctor Office Visits. Staner also clarified that, “Plans may require co-payments, set annual limits for wellness services, or require that you meet a deductible before they pay anything.” Which is true.

I should have done this a long time ago. Do you think it is too late now to get a health insurance for my family?

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