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Wellness Check 18 Months ( Momimhar posted on June 9th, 2012 )

Baby’s 18th month wellness check was pretty fine.  The doctor was very happy to know that my little girl’s development is advanced.  Although the weight gain bothers me, her growth percentile stayed the same since the newborn stage.

My baby’s pediatrician is very friendly and accommodating.  She always asks questions about my baby’s development, how much she eats, and activities at home.  She did not get shots this time because she had an up-to-date immunization.  The doctor gave me a questionnaire for me to answer.  Its purpose is to detect autism.  I was confident that my answers were appropriate according to the development and milestone that my little girl achieves.  There was one question in the sheet that was kind of intriguing.  It goes, “Does your child make unusual finger movements near his/her face?”.  Because I did not quite understand the question, I asked the doctor what it means.  She said if I noticed unusual finger movements near baby’s face when walking, playing, or doing any kind of activities.  My answer was no.  My daughter is healthy, active, and normal.  And we are very thankful for it.

Like I mentioned, I was worried about my baby’s weight gain.  She is did not gain much in three months.  The doctor said that there’s nothing to worry about.  My daughter is very active and healthy.  Some toddlers at this stage grow slowly.  When it was time for physical check, the doctor asked baby a couple of questions and asked to point a few body parts. I was glad that my little girl quickly responded.  The doctor was amused.

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Still In The Average Percentile ( Momimhar posted on March 7th, 2012 )

Yesterday was baby’s 15th month wellness checkup.  The appointment time that is convenient for us is in the afternoon.  So we arrived at 2 P.M. at the doctor’s office.  My husband met us there to be with us.

My little girl is still in the average percentile in the growth chart.  But I am worried about her weight.  She did not gain much in three months.  I feel like I did not do my best in taking care of her.  I remember reading an article from that in toddler stage, children’s growth will slow down.  They become picky eaters.  And because of being super active, their bodies burn lots of energy.

The pediatrician asked if my baby eats four times a day.  I said usually she eats three times a day.  That is what concerns me.  She said that baby should eat four times a day including the snack.  I felt bad about it because I only feed my daughter three times a day.  Now I feel frustrated.  Our refrigerator should contain lots of nutritious foods for baby.  I am not saying we do not have any.  What I mean is that I should be responsible and diligent in preparing good food for my beloved daughter.

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Infant Growth Calculation ( Momimhar posted on February 9th, 2012 )

My little big Bright Bundle of joy is 14 months already.  Next month is her 15th month wellness checkup.  I wonder what’s her percentile now.  As I remember when she had her 12th month wellness checkup, her height is 75 Percentile.

Percentile is used when calculating an infant’s growth and development.  The basis for the percentile calculation are: baby’s age, body length (height), weight, and head circumference.  The infant’s percentile improvement shows on the growth chart record.  If the child has 50/50/25 percentile on her first wellness checkup then gets 50/25/50 on the next, that’s normal.  As long as the child is maintaining the same pace of the line in the chart and baby is eating, developing really well he/she is perfectly fine.  Some factors affect an infant’s growth – poor appetite because of teething, high energy/very active, and health problems.  But according to, “The most important thing is that your baby is growing at a steady, appropriate rate, not that he’s hit some magic number.”  So it is always best to talk to his/her pediatrician so these concerns will be well-regarded.

You can also check free online tools to see your child’s percentile calculation.  Me?  I will just wait for the wellness checkup result next month.

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