Summer Fun Pool Birthday Party ( Momimhar posted on September 19th, 2021 )

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One of the best part of summer is pool birthday parties. One of my friends’ daughter celebrated her 7th Birthday several weeks ago. It was held at Ford Pool in Allen (Texas). We haven’t been to that pool before, so darling daughter and I were delighted to be able to attend the birthday party. Entrance free for non-residents was $5 per person. It wasn’t bad. The duration of the party was two hours, occupying one of the covered tables was included.

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It was a feast. My friend made lots of food. The children enjoyed swimming and getting on the pool slide. It was a hot sunny day. The cold pool water helped beat the heat.

Ford Pool Allen, Texas

Not many people at the pool, so that was good. Not crowded at all. Using inflatable floaties were not allowed, though.

Clear pool waters at Ford Pool in Allen, Texas

Summer pool birthday parties are the best!

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