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A gorgeous front porch or back porch with a perfectly taut, brand-new screen door. Or at least, this is what you remember. But perhaps now, with kids, pets, high-traffic, online-delivery orders, and simple everyday wear and tear you find your screen looking shoddy. Or perhaps even worse, there are holes or tears in our once-gorgeous screen doors, and now you have to entirely replace or repair them.

If you’ve wondered how to prevent this from happening, whether you are a new homeowner or someone having to replace their door screens, never fear! There is a solution that will help your screens last longer: a screen door protector.

A screen door protector is a rugged, strong additional barrier between the world and your screen doors, saving you the cost and headache of repairs and replacements. But is a screen door protector worth it?


Anyone who has owned a larger breed of dog no doubt has fond memories of them believing they are still puppies. From attempting to fit into your lap even when they’re simply too big to their excited greetings that can almost bowl a person over. In many ways, they forget their strength, especially around a window or door when they see us coming home or the errant squirrel run by.

How Can a Pet Damage a Screen Door?

  • Your dog may excitedly scratch at the door screen which can rip thin, fabric-based screens or bend the strands in metal screens such as aluminum. Some dogs or cats may do this to try and tell you they wish to go outside, while others, like cats, react this way to things of interest such as a bird flying past, a squirrel, or another cat running outside.
  • Easily excited dogs may simply forget the door is there in their rush to greet their favorite human, protect their territory, or try and chase something. This can often result in a full-body collision between the dog and the door screen. Depending on the size and weight of him or her, this could result in a torn screen or even a bent frame which renders your door screen useless.
  • Cats are natural climbers and often use their claws to help them do so. Unfortunately, cat claws and fabric-based mesh screens tear easily. Cat claws can push the mesh open, leaving larger holes for the insects it once kept out to come buzzing in as well as cause larger tears in the screen.

If you have noticed some of these pet damages already or have found yourself having to replace a screen in a door then no doubt a screen door protector will be a viable solution for you. Several different screen door protectors can help you address this issue without the worry of disrupting your outdoor decor or curb appeal of your home. Coming in several different colors and sizes to fit a wide array of doors, you will find these easy to use and attach.

Toddlers or Young Children

No doubt if you have children around the toddler age-range you’re familiar with and have already done a lot of child-proofing to keep your precious little ones safe. However, you also know that rambunctious kids can cause damages accidentally. Screen doors can also be less-than-safe for very young children. There’s a risk of pinching their fingers, damaging the screen or frame, or worse, escaping through them if they push too heavily on them.

To help protect the safety of your child most importantly, and your screen doors second, a screen door protector is the best option for both. A screen door protector preserves the view, can add a bit of style to your doors, and keep your little one protected at the same time.

What Sort of Screen Doors Should I Get?

  • Imperial sliding screen door guards come in a variety of widths and colors such as anodized, bronze, white, tan, champagne, and black. These screen door protectors feature a gorgeous Florentine pattern based on traditional Bargello needlepoint that not only allows an excellent, unobstructed view but stylish touch to your door.
  • Swinging screen door guards are made with premium, heavy-duty aluminum to resist excited puppies or climbing cats and available in a variety of décor matching colors. Using a pressed, dimpled outer frame also guarantees that the door guard is rattle-free and soundless.

Is It Worth It?

The bottom line, it is. A screen door protector serves a multitude of purposes that are all exceedingly excellent. Protection for your screen, your pets, your children, your investment, the screens, and the screen frames themselves all in one convenient package. All while looking attractive and allowing you to see clearly out your screen door. Invest in an excellent screen door protector for the longevity of your screens and the protection of those you love within your home.

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