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The New Monster High Doll ( Momimhar posted on October 9th, 2015 )

K with the Monster High Dolls

K with the Monster High Dolls

A week ago, K and I went to Walmart to buy a few groceries.  She asked if she can go look at toys for a few minutes. So we went ahead to the kids’ toys department.  Like we usually do, we pretty much toured every aisle in the toys’ department then she saw these huge Monster High Dolls piled in the middle aisle.  I am guessing the doll is about 3 feet tall.  Oh my goodness she wanted one right away.  I looked at the price and I was speechless.  I told K that if she want this Monster High Doll, we have to sell her old toys in a garage sale. And so, this doll is in her birthday wishlist.  Oh dear!  Walmart’s Lay-away is starting now but we’ll see.

Calling all Godmothers!  🙂

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