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Reading Evaluation At Enrollment ( Momimhar posted on May 23rd, 2015 )

Reading as part of enrollment evaluation.

Reading as part of enrollment evaluation.  Photo was taken by my sister.

Few days ago, I think that was Monday, my sister enrolled my nephew into 7th Grade.  Before they can get in line and go through the enrollment process, my sister has to do a certain task in the school together with the other parents.  She and other parents cleaned up the school grounds.  Sweeping and raking dried leaves, weeding, and the likes.  Once they are done with the certain task, they can get in line for their kids’ enrollment.

Good thing my sister has all the requirements for enrollment.  She was complaining that there are so many enrollees for the 7th Grade.  I just couldn’t believe how messed up is the education system now in the Philippines.  K-12 was implemented IMMEDIATELY.  What in the world??? My nephew graduated from 6th Grade (supposedly finishes the Elementary level then will go to High School) now he has to enroll to 7th Grade.  I should be pissed off.  They should have implemented that K-12 to the 1st Graders last school year.

Anyway, as part of the enrollment process, all enrollees have to read in front of the enrolling teacher as an evaluation for sectioning, I guess.  So they got it done so next thing to do now is to buy uniforms and school supplies.  Classes starts in two weeks.

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