I Care For Them So Much ( Momimhar posted on March 1st, 2014 )

I am missing my nieces and nephews.  I wish am home so I can give them hugs and kisses every time I get the chance.  I enjoy their company and we always had a great conversation and did fun activities at home.

Hearing their voices and seeing them on video chatting is different than talking with them in person.  Because they don’t have an Internet connection in their households, my sister will take them to the nearest Internet cafe in town when she goes to chat.  But that is not very often.

I care for my nieces and nephews so much that I am doing my best to give them the things that will help in their schooling and everyday needs.  This I know, that these kids are looking up to some things that other kids have.  They want to have pretty school bags or school clothes or new shoes.  They also want to go to school with complete school supplies in their bags.  They want to eat good meals in the canteen.  But with a very tight budget, they only have small amount of money ($.25 perhaps) in their pockets.  Still they diligently go to school on weekdays.  I also know that my siblings are taking good care of their kids.  And my parents are there to assist and help in any way as much as possible, too.  But my thoughts are with them.  I love them.  In God’s amazing graces I will do my best to help my nieces and nephew.  I won’t let them down as long as I have the strength and good health.


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  1. Deli says:

    Sis, that’s great that you continue to care for your nieces and nephews despite the distance. I am sure they are happy to have an aunt like you! God bless you more 🙂
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