Pool Party For Cousin ( Momimhar posted on July 27th, 2013 )

It’s another great weekend with family today.  We went to a pool party for dear husband’s nephew (DD’s cousin) in Prosper.  The party was to celebrate nephew’s acceptance to the Navy school and scholarship.  Outstanding, huh?  Yea, we are so proud of him.

So, we were able to come and join the fun because it’s a Saturday and DH came with us, too.  I was very glad because he can go and watch our darling daughter in the pool.  It’s also a special occasion so the family’s there.  The theme of the party was patriotic so there was red, white, blue, and stars in the decor.

This time, I was able to join DD and DH in the pool.  Good thing that the monthly sickness was gone and I was in a good mood.  We had a great time swimming and playing in the water.  When we’re in the pool, my little girl just hangs on to me like a tick.  😀  I was trying to let her kick her legs like what the instructor at YMCA taught.  But she just wants to play in the water.  Splashing here and there.  🙂

At the pavilion, my in-laws were having fun talking and catching up.  My husband’s parents came over for the occasion, too.  There were hamburgers, hotdogs, cupcakes, cake, salad, chips and dips, and lots of drinks at the party.

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