Summer Outdoor Water Toys For Kids ( Momimhar posted on May 28th, 2013 )

Summer fun is now starting.  And if you are planning to visit a Water Park or go to the beach this year, always take sunscreen to protect you and your little ones from the harmful UV rays of the sun.  Because of the high temperatures, don’t leave your child in the car to prevent suffocation from the heat.  Always keep in mind that child safety as well as the family’s is very important any time of year.

But if you are done with Water Parks and the beach and you want to have something to entertain your children outdoors during summer time, here are summer outdoor water toys that your kids will totally have fun with.

Sprinklers – What I mean is the water sprinklers you can put in the yard so your kids will just giggle and splash as water sprinkles toward them.

I tried using the garden water sprinkler one day and my darling daughter couldn’t stop playing in the water pretending that it’s going after her.

Inflatable pool – For young children ages 18 months to 5 years old, an inflatable swimming pool is ideal outdoors.

I have one for my darling daughter but wasn’t impressed with the inflatable pool the first time she got in it.  Later, she would look for it after she’s done with the water sprinkler.

Water Splash Play Table – This is fun for toddlers.  Some of these include little toys that they can play while splashing in the water.

I got a Splash Play Table for my little girl a year ago and she really liked it.  In fact, she gets on top of the table and says “I’m gonna swim here, mommy.”

Water Slides – When I saw a photo of this water slide in the paper, I thought it would be so much fun in the yard.  My suggestion is to buy this for older kids ages 5 and above.

Always remember that, whatever activity you and your kids do outdoors, proper adult supervision should be imposed.  So what outdoor water toy do you think your children enjoy the most?

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