A “Must Have” For Kids’ Safety Outdoors ( Momimhar posted on May 28th, 2013 )

Parents across the globe worry about the safety of their children.  After all, isn’t a parent’s primary job to care for and protect their child?  Unfortunately, while a parent can try their best to protect a child, sometimes accidents occur and children get injured.  While not all accidents are stoppable, most parents do their best to keep children safe.  From teaching a child to look both ways before crossing the street to making sure a child is in a car seat, outdoor safety is a huge issue of concern for parents.

One of the biggest concerns many parents have is that a child might get behind a vehicle that is backing up.  Since young children are so small, many drivers are unable to see if a child is right behind the car until it is too late.  Fortunately, there is now the option to get backup sensors for cars.  AmericanSecurityCo.com has backup sensors for cars that anyone can use. These are a “must have” for any parent of young children.

Not only should parents have these, but anyone who lives in a neighborhood with young children, as well.  A backup sensor means that parents won’t have to worry as much about the possibility of a child being injured by a moving vehicle.  Instead, parents can rest safe knowing that the driver will know if a child accidentally wanders behind a car.

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9 responses

  1. Michele says:

    These should be installed free of charge in every new vehicle sold!

  2. Corinne says:

    We have a backup camera on our minivan and I love it. Many bikes and kid toys have been saved thanks to it. I also love the peace of mind when we are in parking lots since sometimes little ones get away from their moms or dads and they are too short to be seen out your rear window.

  3. jheylo says:

    Oh! This is neat. Sometimes if we are not careful we don’t check really good and there’s a kid behind the car, we’re going to be in big trouble. I heard a news like this, a grandmother is backing up and did not notice that her grandson was behind and ran over him and he died. 🙁

  4. I am lucky to have these sensors built in and they have kept me from backing into several things. Love that they came out with these.

  5. I’ll check on this one, it surely is a good product to have for us parents with small kids.

  6. becca says:

    how awesome back up sensors very cool

  7. My car has a sensor on it which is a good thing. I was backing up and a child went right behind my car as I was getting out of my driveway. I think this sounds like a good product but I think parents need to be aware of where their children are.

  8. Nova S says:

    As a parent that’s what we always wanted for our kids, to keep them safe from harm.

  9. Travel Quest says:

    Wow i never heard this type for sensor , i wonder how much is this?

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