Never Let Your Kids Ride With You Or With Someone On Motorcycles ( Momimhar posted on April 29th, 2013 )

Following child safety regulations on road travel is very important for everyone’s sake.  Accidents on the road happen everyday.  But if we are very attentive and we obey laws and regulations on road safety, we can avoid it.  We do not want that to happen to us or to anybody else especially to our children.

There’s a regulation from Land Transportation Office in the Philippines that strictly prohibits motorcycle drivers to have children under 12 years of age ride with them.  This regulation has been created for years yet most numbers of the general public don’t know about it.  According to them (this is based on the news I have seen on television few weeks ago), they don’t have any idea that there’s a regulation like this.  What a shame.  It is a common sense that we have to protect out kids from harm.  As a responsible person/individual, parent, or guardian, children’s safety and welfare should be our concern.

Kids shouldn’t ride with you on motorcycles.  It is DANGEROUS.  I always remind my brother to always take extra care on driving his motorcycle and should NEVER let his kids ride with him whenever they go places.  It’s the law and it’s our responsibility to look after our kids’ safety.

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