Spring Hasn’t Been Friendly Lately ( Momimhar posted on April 26th, 2013 )

I am very glad that my darling daughter is feeling well now.  As you may know, she had cough and colds just a few days ago.  And she had been having a difficulty going to the bathroom.  Her bowel movement is irregular and she was having constipation.  Spring hasn’t been friendly to my little princess lately.

We went to see her pediatrician two weeks ago to talk to her regarding my daughter’s pain whenever she feels like going.  She crosses her legs and cries in pain.  I was very helpless to see my child miserable.  In a middle of play, all of a sudden she just scream and cry.  My husband, me, and the folks were very worried about our little girl.

First thing the doctor asked me was if I already potty training my daughter Kaye.  I told her that I tried training Kaye to use the potty but it was only a day or two before this happened.  The doctor said that one reason for constipation might be potty training since toddlers are getting aware of the urge to go to the bathroom and they try to hold it.  Then she checked Kaye’s tummy.  And I thought the pain is because of the irritated skin in the private area, I asked the doctor to check that too.  But she didn’t see any irritation or rash.  The doctor recommended to give Kaye lots of water, foods rich in fiber, and a dose of Miralax to soften bowel.  The goal is to get Kaye go everyday.

Thank God everything is well.  Kaye’s cough and colds are gone.  She’s going everyday now.

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