Daddy Went To Story Time With Us ( Momimhar posted on April 23rd, 2013 )

Daddy came with us to the Toddler Story Time at the library Friday morning.  We had a few errands lined up to accomplish that day but I asked him to go with us since we’re all going to town.  And so my husband drove us to the library early because tickets to the Toddler Story Time go out quickly on Fridays.  I though I won’t be able to get three tickets.  But the librarian was very kind.

Because we were 15 minutes early (Story Time starts at 11:30 A.M.), my darling husband went to the bank and gassed up the car.  And he came back just in time for us to get in the room.  He settled himself in the back seats while our little princess and I were sat down on the carpet in the middle of the room.  Kids and parents began participating with the opening song.  The program for Toddler Story Time interests the young children because there’s singing, colors and shapes introduction, puppet show, and dancing.  Also, there’s a puppet show this Friday and I was very glad that my darling husband was able to witness the activities.

My darling husband thought it was a very neat program for young kids.  He said he is very proud of me and baby girl.  She is really interested in reading books and getting social with other kids, too.

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