Trimmed The Bangs For The First Time ( Momimhar posted on April 16th, 2013 )

I haven’t cut someone’s hair before.  I was never confident I would do it right.  But the other night, after giving my darling daughter a bath, I decided to cut her hair.  Well it is because the bangs were grown to where they cover her eyes already.  So with the help of my darling husband, I was able to trim my little princess’s bangs for the very first time.

Gladly she was very attentive and steady.  She cooperated and stayed still.  She asked a lot of questions while we were busy trimming but we finished without upsetting each other.  🙂

It is very important to always keep the kids groomed.  Explaining to them the significance  of good grooming and hygiene will help them remember that looking good and clean is important to stay healthy.


Had my haircut 🙂

Besides the hair, other parts of the body needs good hygiene too.

Ears – Removing ear wax after shower or bath using cotton buds or Q-tips.  Ear wax build up can cause irritation to the ears.

Eyes – The eyes are sensitive.  Just a soft wiping with a clean wash cloth or a gentle splash of water on the face can help clean the eyes.

Nose – Absolutely DON’T use Q-tips or cotton buds to clean the nose.  A soft clean wet wash cloth can help clean the nose.  Just ask your little ones to blow their noses and they will do it properly.

Mouth – Brushing your little ones’ teeth twice a day (morning and night) is very important to maintain oral health and oral hygiene.  My darling daughter likes brushing her teeth.  As early as infant stage (just use a soft clean wet wash cloth to clean gums and tongue), cleaning their mouths should always be done to avoid bath breath.  And use an age-appropriate toothbrush and toothpaste for your child.

Fingernails and Toenails – Washing hands before and after meals, from the bathroom, and from outdoor activities, is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick.  And trimming the fingernails and toenails should always be done as soon as we see them grow to the fingertips so our little ones won’t scratch their skin.  Also, dirt won’t stuck under the fingernails.

Private areas – Well we all know this.  After each and every trip to the bathroom, we should get our kids cleaned up.  Wiping from front to back is advisable.  I recommend to use a fragrance-free and allergy-free wet wipes for infants and toddlers.

Taking a bath is essential either way.  Giving our kids a bath once a day keeps them clean and fresh.  It helps soothe and condition their bodies to get ready for the day or bedtime.

No matter how busy our day is, a quality time with our kids is very important.  Spending this time with simple tasks like grooming and hygiene means a lot.  Motherhood is fun.  We should enjoy our kids and take care of them.

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28 responses

  1. Cyndie says:

    Great for you. I wish I could cut hair.

  2. Michele says:

    Not a bad job of cutting her bangs since it was the very first time you attempted it! Next time will be easier!

  3. Some great tips there,you did a good job of the hair cut too. A word of caution with the ear buds, make sure they are good quality and you do not over use it or the cotton bud may come loose from the stick.

  4. Your daughter looks cute with her new bangs.

  5. Corinne says:

    You did a good job with the bangs! It seems like it should be easy, but I seem to always get carried away trying to even them out and they end up too short.

  6. jheylo says:

    she look so happy with her new haircut. she look pretty in her bangs too.

  7. Shela says:

    I agree 100% with you mom, they should be clean and smells good always heheh. My husband’s greatgrandma told me once ” You really keep them cleaned huh” because whenever they go to visit the oldies kids smelling really really good and they love it! It is a good impression for the momi… wink! :))

  8. Awww such a cutie, she seem to like her new hairdo.. Blondie ang buhok nya mare?

    • Momimhar says:

      Yes he likes it so much. : laging tingin sa salamin 🙂
      Brown ang kulay ng hair nya mare. kapag nasa araw naman minsan strawberry red.

  9. We always stress good grooming habbits here. They are not always followed by my boys, but I try hard.

  10. jenn says:

    well thats nice. how old is your cute daughter sis? she looks happy with her new trimmed bangs.

    • Momimhar says:

      Hi Jenn, she’s 28 months old. Yeah! She keeps looking at herself in the mirror saying “My hair looks pretty. I look beautiful.” 🙂

  11. Gene says:

    I am so glad that I didn’t have any problems with my little when it comes to hygiene. She’s even more excited during bath time especially this summer. We usually take a bath 3x a day now but she love it every time. I think it would be best to sweet talk them into agreeing to be trimmed and not force them. My daughter loves Dora so when I asked her if she want’s to have a hair like Dora’s she immediately agreed.

    • Momimhar says:

      We are lucky that we have kids who enjoys bath time. Some don’t because they hate water. 🙂

  12. Gven-Rose says:

    great tips, the little miss looks pretty in her new haircut..

  13. he he, she looks good on her new hair do and i think she loves it.

  14. workingmama says:

    knowing how to cut hair is really great coz help save money.. i love your pretty girl’s lovely smile

  15. Nova says:

    Wonderful tips, it is very hard to keep and clean a toddler since they can’t stay still and focus. All you have to do is to make sure divert their attention into something that would still make them.

  16. Makoy says:

    your daughter looks happy with her new bangs! very cute with the bangs.

  17. awww! she is such a cutie with her new bangs 🙂 I trim my little girl’s bangs most of the time coz it grows too fast 🙂 It saves money than going to the saloon 🙂

  18. awwww.. your daughter looks adorable and the bangs suits her.

  19. amiableamy says:

    that looks good for a first timer 🙂 I cut the hair of my FIL and hubby eversince I came here …

  20. This made me remember the first time that I cut my daughter’s hair too. Well, you did a great job!

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