The Plan Is Ruined ( Momimhar posted on March 31st, 2013 )

Today’s plan is ruined.  It’s not because of the weather this morning when we got severe thunderstorm with heavy rains and hail in our area. (For hail video, please click Hail On Easter Sunday.)  And it is definitely not because my husband doesn’t want to go to the Easter Sunday events.  It’s because of me.  Why?  I woke up with migraine and cramps.  My once-a-month visitor came at wrong timing!  My did not pressure me about the plan because he knows how I feel in times like this.

I felt very bad because we we’re not at the Easter Sunday worship service.  And I wasn’t able to take my darling daughter to the birthday party and Easter Egg Hunt.  Everything was planned and well-prepared yesterday but I was not feeling well the whole day today!

See, when us moms get sick, everything in the house is affected – appointments and commitments, chores, errands…everything planned is ruined.  Our husbands can help with a few things, but still we feel upset because we want to be always there to do the job.  In my situation, I always get this discomfort every month.  This time it came on a special occasion.  Anyway, my husband told me not to worry too much about it.  Kaye is too young to remember that she skipped an Easter Egg Hunt.

Ugh!  What a day!

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