Our Pet Cat ( Momimhar posted on February 5th, 2013 )

If you have pets and young children, we should always be in the look-out for their safety in the home.  Domesticated animals or pets such as dogs, cats, and hamsters that live together with us in the house should be properly taken care of and trained.  As we know, these pets get very excited when played with.  And if we don’t watch closely, kids can get some scratches or bites from playing with the pets.

We have a cat back home.  Well, she was not really trained because she just comes in and out of our house.  But she was a very good cat.  She hunts mice but doesn’t eat them.  When our cat catches a mouse, she only plays with it like toss and chase until the latter gives up.  😀  To me, cats are unpredictable.  Sometimes they like to be petted, sometimes not.  Cats always want their privacy.  When provoked, they get mean.  So if you have a cat at home, even if he is tamed and well-trained, you should not leave your kids alone while they are having fun.  Either you kids will get scratches or your cats will get hurt.

Dogs are friendly and playful but sometimes they get aggressive when excited.  They are strong too so it is advisable that grown ups should watch closely when young kids are with them.

Having pets at home are fun.  But it is our responsibility as owners and parents to keep our pets safe as well as our kids in the household.

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