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If you think a wedding at home takes a lot of planning, wait until you start organising your big day abroad. The good news is that you’ll save yourself money on wedding costs; the average price for a wedding abroad is £6,000, versus the £21,000 many couples spend in the UK. Remember the following to minimise the potential risk of marrying away from home:

Begin Planning Well In Advance

Because a wedding abroad includes so many risky factors, you’ll have to plan with plenty of time to spare and organised right down to the smallest detail. Even your guests will need to Save The Date well in advance, as they need to sort out passports, air fares, accommodation, time off work, and transport too. To help everyone, provide useful information for a variety of budgets on your invitations.

Save Money

By combining your honeymoon with your wedding, you’re saving yourself a lot of money. Encourage your family and friends to arrange their holidays to include your wedding – this’ll make it more feasible for them to attend. If they’re paying for a flight, they may as well stick around to fully enjoy the country.

Know The Law

Without the law on your side, you’ll come back home still unmarried! Research the laws you need to follow come wedding day, in your country of choice. If you book a wedding with a planner that specialises in marrying abroad, all the paperwork will be taken care of through him or her. Be sure that you’ve got everything under control before you step foot on the plane.

Follow The Seasons

You really don’t want to rock up to your destination during monsoon or hurricane season – the weather is too volatile. Check weather patterns before you set the date and purchase travel insurance, just in case.

Unfortunately, if you’re marrying in a country that’s known for extreme weather conditions, you might have to settle on an indoor reception, just in case, or book somewhere that’s more reliable. You wouldn’t have these tropical problems at Cheshire wedding venues!


Use Reputable Vendors

Before you reach for your pocketbook, thoroughly research all the suppliers, servicers, and performers for your wedding day. Ask them for examples of satisfied clients. A wedding coordinator can take care of all these details, if it all gets too stressful, and always ask your consultant if they can recommend any fantastic vendors.

Think Of The Guests

Choosing a venue that’s only accessible via steep steps is not considerate for elderly guests or drunken friends! Think about what will work for the loved ones you’ve invited and double check that they’re all sorted for accommodation, flights etc. Organise a get-together party once everyone has arrived to go over the finer points of the wedding arrangements.

Have a back-up plan for outdoor venues, as you don’t want your guests sitting in the rain throughout the ceremony, while you’re nice and dry under a parapet.

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